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Parents Of Teen Drivers In Texas Might Have Final Say Over Driver License Approval

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Teen drivers first learn the rules of the road as well as the correct way (sometimes incorrect way) to drive from their parents. Now, if a new law gets approved, parents of teen drivers in Texas may have final say on whether or not their teens become officially licensed drivers.

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The proposed bill, HB 409, which was sponsored by State Representative James White (Republican), a member of the Texas House of Representatives, hands over the responsibility of not only driving instruction but also the administration and grading of the official driving test to parents, reports How Stuff Works writer Cherise Threewitt.

Having parents administer the driving test to their young drivers isn’t a new concept or practice — according to Threewitt, parents had that power until 2009, “but the bill was repealed by lawmakers who thought that policy was too dangerous.”

Even if HB 409 passes, drivers working toward their licenses would still need to fulfill the current requirements for driver’s education and driver license achievement — 44 hours of hands-on driving experience and 32 hours of classroom instruction, reports Threewitt.

Driving instruction tips for parents

Parents who are relinquishing the driver’s seat to their teenager, should begin with small journeys (less than five miles), practice patience and constructive criticism, and explain what to do in the event of an accident, according to

Since a teen’s driving instruction begins well before he or she gets behind the wheel, it’s imperative for parents to always demonstrate safe driving habits.

“Set the example you want your teens to follow. Never use your cell phone while driving — whether it’s a text or just a quick call. It only takes a second of distraction to result in an accident,” notes Ryan Buckholtz, co-founder of

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