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[PHOTOS] Owner’s Manuals Finally Worth Reading with Hyundai’s Virtual Guide App

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Hyundai Virtual Guide App 3D video owner's manual touch

Be honest–how many of us actually reach for our owner’s manual and read it on a regular basis? Or…ever?

That important but oft-neglected book is probably collecting dust in your glove box until something goes terribly wrong with your car and you scramble to find an answer.

Korean automaker Hyundai is attempting to change your relationship with your car’s owner’s manual by making it virtual. Since society is plugged into their smartphones and tablets, and rarely picks up an actual book to read, why not make an interactive guide accessible via digital devices? That’s what the Hyundai Virtual Guide is for.

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Hyundai Virtual Guide App 3D video owner's manual double-fist

In the form of a downloadable app being released later this year, the Hyundai Virtual Guide will provide a hi-tech way for car owners to become familiar with their car. Filled with how-to videos, interactive displays, and feature explanations, this digital owner’s manual is raising the bar on basic car education. For instance, readers can see how to work with the air filter, warning indicators, engine oil, and fuse box of their vehicle.

“The Virtual Guide is aimed at educating our owners on how to use the functions and features of their vehicle,” said Frank Ferrara, executive vice president of customer satisfaction for Hyundai Motor America. “We modernized the idea of an owner’s manual to provide the highest-quality user experience for the growing population of tech savvy consumers.”

Hyundai is the first mainstream automaker to release a 2D/3D owner’s manual accessible on portable, everyday digital devices. It’s already compatible with the 2015 Sonata and will be available–for a free download–in other models soon.

Perhaps now you’ll read your owner’s manual over a cup of coffee in the morning?

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