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Power to the People: Ben Bailey Reinstated as Host of “Cash Cab”

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Former Cash Cab host Ben Bailey is asking Discovery channel for his old job back

Finally, the voice of the people has been heard and the will of the majority is going to be done: Discovery’s revival of the game show Cash Cab will feature original host Ben Bailey behind the wheel of the titular taxi.

When Discovery announced back in April that it was bringing back the series, which originally ran from 2005 to 2012, the cable channel declined to invite Bailey back to host. Bailey registered his disgust on Twitter, asking fans to retweet him if they agreed that he should be put back in the driver’s seat.

And lo and behold, the effort worked, with Bailey and his followers successfully being the change they wanted to see in the world!

“Holy #%$&! Cash Cab is back!” Bailey said in response to the news of his imminent employment. “Huge thanks to all the fans who pushed for the show (and for me) to come back! Never before has a comedian been so happy to go back to driving a cab. OMG, I think I left the meter running!”

The basic concept of the show will remain unchanged for this new edition, which will again feature Bailey driving around in a specially-fitted yellow cab and picking up passengers who become unwitting game show contestants once Bailey begins asking them trivia questions as he drives them to their destination. One new feature for this version is that Bailey will occasionally have a celebrity riding shotgun with him on the show.

Obviously, this is good news for Bailey, and great news for online slacktivists. If you’ve spent the last several months Facebook liking calls for impeachment or signing online petitions demanding some type of political action that never comes to fruition, your Twitter support of Ben Bailey being reinstated as the host of Cash Cab may be the first time in a long time that you’ve felt like you were actually making a difference.

So congratulations, Twitter users who retweeted Ben Bailey back into his old job. So shines your good tweet in a weary world.