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Previous Fiat Reveals at the Geneva International Motor Show

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When it comes to the Geneva International Motor Show, Fiat is no stranger to showing up with new vehicles. The Italian automaker made its first debut at the motor show in 1924 with the Fiat 502 and its most recent reveal was in 2011 with the Fiat Freemont. Between these debuts, ten other Fiat vehicles were premiered at the show.

Check out every Fiat vehicle that has been revealed at the Geneva International Motor Show:

[wptab name=”1924 Fiat 502″]

1924 Fiat 502

Produced between 1923 and 1926, this 4-door sedan (as well as a cabriolet option) was known as the larger and more expensive version of the Fiat 501. The 502 was offered with a four-speed manual transmission and an inline-four engine, pumping out 23 horsepower.


[wptab name=”1927 Fiat 509″]

1927 Fiat 509

1927 Fiat 509 at the Geneva International Motor Show

Photo: Walter

The 509 was the replacement for the aforementioned 501 and was offered as either a 2 or 4-door sedan or cabriolet. The 1927 model had a four-cylinder engine that boasted 30 horsepower and was offered as a taxi cab as well.


[wptab name=”1937 Fiat 500 Topolino”]

1937 Fiat 500 Topolino

The Italian name “Topolino” translates to “little mouse” and as you can see, the name fits the appearance of this small 2-door vehicle. The tiny sedan was one of the smallest cars in the world at the time of its debut at the Geneva auto show and could only churn out 17 horsepower.


[wptab name=”1950 Fiat 1400″]

1950 Fiat 1400

1950 Fiat 1400 at the Geneva International Motor Show

Photo: AlfvanBeem

Debuting at Geneva, the Fiat 1400 was the very first unibody Fiat automobile. This moderately sized vehicle was offered as a 4-door saloon or a 2-door cabriolet and was available in the interesting beige color above.


[wptab name=”1952 Fiat 8V”]

1952 Fiat 8V

This exciting sports car caused quite a stir in Geneva during its debut. The aggressive styling paired with a 2.0-liter V8 engine wowed visitors of the show. The name “8V” came about because, at the time, Ford had a copyright on the term “V8.”


[wptab name=”1955 Fiat 600″]

1955 Fiat 600

1955 Fiat 600 at the Geneva International Motor Show

Photo: Ludek

The tiny Fiat 600 was the first in the Italian lineup to put the engine in the rear of the vehicle, rather than under the hood. The 2-door vehicle was produced as the perfect city car, able to get around quickly with ease.


[wptab name=”1959 Fiat 1800/2100″]

1959 Fiat 1800/2100

1959 Fiat 2100 at the Geneva International Motor Show

Photo: Liftarn

In 1959, Fiat introduced two vehicles–the 1800 and 2100. The 1800 came with a 1.8-liter I-6 engine with a 75 horsepower output while the 2100 had a 2.1-liter I-6 engine. The 2100 was discontinued in 1961 to make room for the upcoming Fiat 2300.


[wptab name=”1964 Fiat 2300″]

1964 Fiat 2300

1964 Fiat 2300 at the Geneva International Motor Show

Photo: Cyberuly

Auto designer Sergio Pininfarina wanted to honor the Expo64 in Lausanne with the 1964 Fiat 2300. The vehicle was the Italian’s homage to the Swiss Confederation at the time and it came packed with a six-cylinder front engine with rear wheel drive.


[wptab name=”1966 Fiat Dino Spider”]

1966 Fiat Dino Spider

1966 Fiat Dino Spider at the Geneva International Motor Show

Photo: Rex Gray

The “Dino” name in the 1966 Fiat Dino Spider refers to the Ferrari Dino V6 engine located under the hood of this 2-door sports car. Pininfarina made another appearance as the designer of the Spider version of this vehicle that had a five-speed manual transmission.


[wptab name=”1967 Fiat Dino Coupe”]

1967 Fiat Dino Coupe

1967 Fiat Dino Coupe at the Geneva International Motor Show

Photo: Charles01

Gruppo Bertone designed the 1967 Dino Coupe, which had a more refined interior than the previous Spider designed by Pininfarina. As with the Spider, the Coupe came standard with a V6 engine and five-speed manual transmission.


[wptab name=”1973 Fiat X 1/9″]

1973 Fiat X 1/9

1973 Fiat X 1/9 at the Geneva International Motor Show

Photo: DentArthur

Things got a little funky for Fiat in the ’70s with the introduction of the X 1/9 in 1973. This futuristic looking vehicle was designed by Bertone as well and came with wrap-around steel bumpers and a chrome trim rear fascia.


[wptab name=”2011 Fiat Freemont”]

2011 Fiat Freemont

2011 Fiat Freemont at the Geneva International Motor Show

Photo: M 93

The most recent debut for Fiat was the 2011 Freemont, which is the European version of the popular Dodge Journey. In Australia and Brazil, drivers have the option to choose between the Freemont and the Journey, but each option has certain limitations for engines.