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Rafael Nadal Joins Forces with Kia in New X-Men-Inspired Commercial

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Kia Sportage Mystique

The Mystique-inspired Kia Sportage is Rafael Nadal’s new sidekick in Kia’s newest commercial

Bet you didn’t know tennis superstar Rafael Nadal was a mutant.

Well, he isn’t really. But in the newest Kia commercial, we see an alternative universe where Nadal is actually just like the X-Men in the newest X-Men: Apocalypse film. In this 60-second spot, we learn that the true reason why Nadal is left-handed is because of the supernatural power of his right hand. Capable of putting tennis balls through a net, and leaving dents in the ground, Rafel’s right hand had to be stopped—so his uncle taught him to play left-handed.

VIDEO: Watch the New Rafael Nadal Commercial

Since this new spot comes in connection with Kia’s partnership with the X-Men franchise, it should come as no surprise that it also features its newest X-Men-inspired creation. The Mystique-inspired Sportage has many of the features of the shape-shifter—including the ability to change its exterior. When we first meet the crossover, it looks like any other car. Then, it suddenly shifts into Mystiques true blue form.

If only all cars could really do that.

Throughout the commercial, we also glimpse some shots from the new X-Men movie, enhancing the idea that Nadal is actually one of the mutants. Who knows? Maybe he is after all.