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Ram’s Making a Ram 1500 EV and Wants Your Help

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Ram Revolution Teaser 1500 EV Sketch
The Ram 1500 EV arrives in 2024
Photo: Stellantis

You can hardly call it a surprise that there’s a Ram 1500 EV in the works. With Ford and now Chevrolet tossing their hat into the ring with electric trucks of their own, it comes down to a matter of inevitability. But what may perhaps come as a surprise is the way Ram is going about bringing it to life in 2024.

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Ram Revolution gathers feedback for Ram 1500 EV

Ram announced a program called Ram Revolution that allows fans of the brand to sign up and become insiders. Sound up your alley? Hit up, drop your deets into the form at the bottom, and away you go.

What does that do? That gives you the chance to have a say in what comes of the Ram 1500 EV. You’ll get exclusive sneak peeks at what’s coming, for starters. Also, you get the chance to engage in “an ongoing dialogue that will include the opportunity to provide input as Ram EV trucks are developed.”

Ram CEO Mike Koval Jr. says this will include providing feedback and insight into the kinds of things you want out of an electric truck. So can we all agree that something like a built-in coffee maker would be super handy and awesome to have? Yeah?

“The Ram brand’s promise is grounded in our unique ‘Built to Serve’ philosophy, and our new Ram Revolution campaign takes this pledge even further,” Koval said.

“At Ram, we are built to serve our customers, understanding and delivering exactly what they need and want in a Ram,” he added. “Our next-generation Ram solutions will be powerful and capable trucks that tow, haul, complete the job, and always go the distance.”

What we know about the Ram 1500 EV

Ram Revolution Teaser with Battery Platform
A sneak peek at the Ram EV’s battery platform
Photo: Stellantis

Other than the launch of the program and the fact that it’ll show up by 2024, there aren’t any other details on the Ram 1500 EV as of yet. Since it’ll arrive after the Ford F-150 Lightning and Chevrolet Silverado EV, that should give Ram a nice opportunity to beef up its truck to top its competitors in key areas like power, towing, and range. Initial F-150 Lightning deliveries begin this spring. The Silverado EV arrives in 2023.

Of course, Ram isn’t going to stop there. The brand says it’s developing electric vehicles for “the majority of its segments” to launch by 2025. It’s a safe bet that Ram will have some news on an all-electric version of the ProMaster soon. That would compete directly with the Ford E-Transit, the first examples of which hit the street this week.

Ram says its lineup should be fully electric by no later than 2030.