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Ram EV Concept Aims to Steal Ford, Chevy’s Thunder This Fall

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Ram EV Concept Teaser Video Grab
The powerful front profile of the Ram EV concept
Photo: Ram Trucks/YouTube

Are you stoked to learn more about the upcoming Ram EV? Keep that energy, friend, because you’ve got a couple more seasons to wait. A teaser from the Ram Trucks Twitter promises that it’ll be “time to steal some thunder” come fall 2022.

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Ram isn’t planning to put its first electric truck into production until 2024, so the truck teased here will be an appetite-whetting concept to tide us over until then. In addition to the couple of teaser images we’ve seen so far, the video here shows off a striking face and head-on silhouette to give us the ever-so-slightest flavor of what’s coming.

With 2024 set as the launch date, Ram will be coming to the table latest of the big three when it comes to electric trucks. Ford’s F-150 Lightning entered production in April and is rolling out as we speak and General Motors is already well into deliveries with the GMC Hummer EV. Depending on the timing, the Ram EV could still beat the Chevrolet Silverado EV to market ahead of its planned summer 2024 launch.  

Ram CEO says EV will be available with range extender

2025 Ram 1500 EV teaser sketches
A concept sketch of the upcoming electric Ram truck
Photo: Stellantis

Because Ram EV is just a bit behind Ford, GM, and Rivian, it can use other brands’ trucks as a template for what to do and not do. Ram is also consulting customers and fans using its Ram Revolution website, accepting feedback and input on its electric vehicles to come.

One thing Ram seems poised to do that others haven’t yet is offer its all-electric truck with a range extender. In an interview with EV Pulse, brand CEO Mike Koval Jr. confirmed that the plan is to offer the truck with a range-extending engine option, which would essentially make it a plug-in hybrid at that point.

But the option would likely give Ram a big boost over Ford and Chevy by giving customers more confidence for long-range driving, not to mention beefier towing and payload capabilities. This might be a good use for the new Hurricane twin-turbo straight-six, which Stellantis launches this year in the Jeep Wagoneer.