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How to Replace an Air Filter

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How to Replace an Air Filter

Learn how to replace an air filter in seven easy steps.

Your car needs clean air just as much as we do. Air filters keep your car’s engine free of bugs and dust, and are cheap and easy to replace, so no excuses. Replace yours every 30,000 miles, or at your car’s recommended interval to keep air flowing and your car running smoothly. Below are seven simple steps to walk you through how to replace an air filter.

1.       Purchase the correct replacement filter. Check out your owner’s manual if you’re not sure.

2.       Locate the air filter unit. The air filter is located under the hood, usually situated at the top of the engine.

3.       Remove the air filter cover. Loosen the clamp that seals the air filter unit and unscrew all screws holding the cover, then lift it out.

4.       Remove the air filter. The filter will have a rubber rim; lift the entire filter out of the housing.

5.       Clean the air filter housing. Use a vacuum or air compressor to clean out any dirt.

6.       Replace filter.  Insert the new filter with the rim facing up. Make sure the rubber rim seals all edges.

7.       Replace the cover. Securely press the cover down onto the air filter unit and replace all screws or clamps.

See, that was easy! Now that you know how to replace an air filter, what other car care tips are you interested in? Let us know in the comments, and maybe you’ll see your idea published in The NewWheel!