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Report: Millennials Wish You Would Stop Cancelling Sedans

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2020 Nissan Versa
Photo: Nissan

There’s no question that the world of cars is changing. If sales numbers are any indication, drivers now prefer crossover vehicles and trucks to puny sedans. Nissan isn’t so sure that’s the truth, and now it has the data to back up its continued commitment to sedans like the Nissan Altima and Maxima.

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The automaker conducted its own survey and talked to Americans between the age of 18 and 65 to gauge their interest in vehicles. People could participate regardless if they currently owned a car or not. According to Nissan’s researchers, 78 percent of drivers who don’t own a sedan would consider getting one with their next purchase or lease. When they talked who Generation Z and younger millennials, they discovered that 86 percent of them that don’t drive a sedan now want to take one of them home as their next purchase.

As drivers get older, their likelihood of choosing a sedan shrinks. For example, older Millennials and members of Generation X (aged 35-50), only admit to considering sedans when car shipping 81 percent of the time. Nissan didn’t provide any figures for drivers over 50, but their data presentation suggests that older drivers might be pushing sedans and smaller cars out of the market, while newer drivers prefer nimbler rides.

If millennials were petty people, they might make jabs about how the SUVs and trucks older generations enjoy are not great for the planet thanks to emissions, but the avocado toast they mock millennials for merely tastes good.

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Sedan drivers are more likely to be satisfied with their purchase as well, with 95 percent of drivers saying that the vehicle’s functionality is the best part about it.

If you’re ready to come back to sedans (no matter your age), Nissan suggests the all-new 2020 Nissan Versa sedan for the best maneuverability in the city. Whatever sedan you choose, know that you’re not alone in your love of smaller vehicles.