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Rumor: New Toyota Supra to be Called S-FR

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Toyota Supra rumors

The gorgeous FT-1 concept could lend styling to the new Supra

Ever since Toyota discontinued the Supra in 2002, loyal fans have been patiently (or impatiently) awaiting its return. When Toyota unveiled the FT-1 concept at 2014’s North American International Auto Show in Detroit, Supra loyalists clapped their hands with glee, and the rumors of the Supra’s return started flying. Now, Toyota has registered the name S-FR with the US Patent and Trademark Office, starting new rumors that this could be the name of the upcoming Supra replacement.

If the rumors are true, the FR likely stands for “front engine, rear-wheel drive,” as in the Scion FR-S. What the S stands for, however, is up for debate. While it’d be extremely fitting if it stood for “Supra,” our money is on something simpler (and much more boring) that the new generation of performance car drivers can relate to as much as die-hard Supra fans, such as “sport.”

2016 Scion FR-S Toyota Supra

The 2016 Scion FR-S

Interestingly enough, Toyota also renewed the “Supra” trademark last year, leaving us with two realistic name options for its next sports car. However, the Supra is a legend in its own right, so giving its name to a new vehicle might not be the best idea.

The next Supra is thought to be inspired by the FT-1 concept, and to be designed in collaboration with BMW, which is working on the underpinnings for a Z4 replacement that’ll also be the base of Toyota’s next sports car. Toyota is working on a sporty hybrid system that’ll likely be offered in its own vehicle, as well as the next-gen BMW Z4.

We’ll be keeping our eyes peeled for more news on the Toyota Supra’s replacement, and we’ll be sure to update you with more breaking news as it happens.

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