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RV Toll Pass Makes Cross-Country Travel Easier

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Photo: Wojtek Witkowski | Unsplash

TransCore, a company specializing in developing traffic management systems, has launched a new product called RV Toll Pass that will make it easier for recreational vehicle owners to travel across the country.

“With toll roads in 35 states, until now, RVers have had to navigate different tolling systems, buy multiple tolling transponders, or search for routes to avoid tolling altogether,” TransCore said in a press release.

With RV Toll Pass, you will be able to use a single transponder and single billing account to get across multiple tolling jurisdictions, greatly reducing the amount of preparation required to travel in the United States.

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“This technology will change the way RVers use toll roads,” said Don Brady, TransCore’s Vice President of Business Development. “Convenience is key as it makes traveling across the country and through heavily tolled regions much easier. Drivers won’t have to worry about cash lanes, getting on the wrong toll road or making sure they have the right transponder for where they’re going.”

When driving past a tolling location, an RV equipped with RV Toll Pass will be recognized either by the RV Toll Pass transponder or by its license plate, depending on the state, at which point you’ll incur a toll charged against the balance in your RV Toll Pass account.

TransCore does charge a processing fee of $15 for each month during which at least one toll charge was incurred, but with lower electronic rates and no maintenance necessary, plus a battery life of about five years, the RV Toll Pass transponder can pay for itself after just one RV trip.

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