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Ryan Millen Will Expose Rally RAV4 to New Challenges

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2016 Toyota Rally RAV4

The 2016 Toyota Rally RAV4

Last year, driver Ryan Millen took the rally RAV4 from Toyota to four out of five victories in the Western US—quite a successful run for the Toyota RAV4’s first go. This year, Millen will expand the rally RAV4 racing program by taking the RAV4 to even more racing series, including the Pacific Rally Cup and the Atlantic Rally Cup.

2016 Toyota Rally RAV4

Already, Millen took the RAV4 to Rally America’s 2016 Sno*Drift Rally in January and managed to place second overall. Millen will compete in a few more select Rally America races this year.

Sitting in the passenger seat of the RAV4 as navigator is Christine Fate, Millen’s fiancée. It is Toyota’s belief that Fate will serve as a “true asset” to the team because of the trust between the two: “Trust is one of the most important things a driver can ask for in a navigator.”

2016 Toyota Rally RAV4

No powertrain modifications have been made to the rally RAV4. The model in question is a RAV4 SE and delivers 176 horsepower and 172 lb-ft of torque like a road-ready RAV4 SE. Toyota did, however, make some modifications for safety, convenience, and communications.