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Show Your Car Pride with These Professional Outfit Accessory Ideas

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For those of us die-hard gearheads who love to flaunt our automotive enthusiasm, the professional workplace can stifle your spirit with its restrictive dress code. Unless your employer allows you to wear jerseys or t-shirts in the office, you’ll have to find more subversive ways to wear your “driving” pride. Here are some ideas for your professional wardrobe.

9 Professional Ways to Wear Your Petrol Passion

Patterned necktie: All men love wacky neck ties, right? You can find themed neck-lassos in any local clothing or thrift store. Go conservative with tiny patterned prints or all-out with humongous hot rod images.

Cuff links: If you need to dress up enough to warrant cuff links, you probably can’t take many liberties with your outfit. Luckily, there are car- or car part-shaped cuff links out there, if you do some online shopping.

Socks: Sneak some spirit in your shoes with striped or patterned socks. You can coyly flash your calf-covers in meetings when you sit down, causing office buzz about your apparent wild side.

Sunglasses: Branded racing or OEM eye shades might not be an option for those cooped up in an airtight office, but if your job involves client-to-client travelling on the road, make a statement with stylish, themed sunglasses. Or dare to wear them inside the office, if you’re that hard-core.

Belt clip: A bit less common in the North, over-sized thematic belt buckles are acceptable in some workplace dress codes. If they are, pick out a big, shiny OEM badge or car silhouette. Automatic win if you wear a belt that actually resembles a car’s seat belt.

Jewelry: The easiest way for women to share their interests without drawing attention in the workplace, necklaces or earrings with automotive charms on them add a little glitz to any workplace outfit.

Coat: What you walk in wearing isn’t what you need to be clothed in all day. Your rain jacket or winter coat could be a racing jacket–or at least have automotive-themed designs on it. You could even wear a replica jacket like Ryan Gosling donned in Drive.

Workout clothes: If your company has an on-campus gym or exercise facility, its dress code isn’t as strict as the rest of the office’s. Now is the time to toss on that classic car rally t-shirt or checkered headband.

Underwear: If all else fails, at least you know you care about cars by secretly donning patterned boxers. And if some horrific event causes you to lose your pants at work, at least people will remember your enthusiasm.