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Smart Tips for Buying a Used Rental Car

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Although some might advise against buying a used rental car from a entities like Hertz or Enterprise, there’s definitely some advantages to pursuing this option.

High Standards for Maintenance

While rental companies can’t control how renters take care of the vehicles, they still have the primary say when it comes to routine upkeep, explained Gregg Nierenberg, vice president of fleet services at Avis Budget Group. “We can’t control how our customers drive our vehicles, but what we are very confident of is how we maintain the vehicle throughout its life.” Many rental companies also have certified technicians perform multi-point inspections on each rental car before they sell it to a private owner.

Shopper-Friendly Buying Perks

Rental companies often let you test drive a prospective vehicle for three days, rather than the single 15-minute test drive that is typically associated with purchasing a new vehicle. You can also complete the financing paperwork online to speed up the process.

Terrific Trade-Ins: Value your current ride

Discounted Prices

Yet another benefit of going with a used rental car is that they’re often priced well below the retail value indicated by industry resources like Kelley Blue Book, which results in significant savings. Nicole Arata, contributor with Nerdwallet, explained that rental companies prioritize keeping their inventory current. Thus, they value selling their older used models as fast as possible, which works in the buyer’s favor.

Newer Features and Potential Warranty Coverage

While used rental vehicles might not have the most current amenities and technology, it’s easy to find one with relatively new features that your current ride lacks. Another perk is that used rental vehicles still fall under the factory-included warranty provisions, depending on their mileage rating.

As with any used vehicle, it’s best to have a certified technician investigate the car for signs of damage and to ensure its overall soundness. It’s also wise to do your research ahead of time, so you know which models tend to last the longest, as well as which ones have the best powertrain warranties.

Extra Assurance: Certified Pre-Owned vehicles for the win

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