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Stay Safe on your Summer Drive: Road Trip Safety Tips

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Road Trip Safety Tips

Stay safe in the summer heat with our road trip safety tips.

Since gas prices seem to be steady and the sun is irresistible, many of you may be planning your first road trip of the summer.  Whether it’s with your friends or family, staying safe is key to a successful road trip!

Remember the checklist below before you head out on the road!

1.)    Inspection: Make sure your tires, oil, air conditioner and brakes are all up to snuff before you head out on the road.

2.)    Plan ahead: Map out your route, any stops or detours and even when you plan to leave and arrive.

3.)    Just in case: It’s always best to be prepared with the proper tools and phone numbers just in case you have an accident or the car breaks down.

4.)    DND: Delegate certain distracting tasks like texting, answering the phone and selecting music to your co-pilot and the other passengers.

5.)    Buckle Up: It’s always tempting to get comfy in the back seat, but make sure everyone in the car is wearing their seat belt!

Now that you have the safety part down, don’t forget to have fun. Let us know if you have some road trip safety tips to add, and where you plan to visit on your summer road trip.