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Street Safety Tips for Daylight Savings Times

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Street Safety TipsAs Daylight Savings Time kicks in, your kids might be spending more time playing outside in the dark than they may have before. Whether they’re playing capture the flag or just walking to the next-door neighbor’s house, make sure to teach you kids these street safety tips to make sure they’re being seen as the evening comes a bit early.

Wear fluorescent colors. Putting your kids in bright, fluorescent colors might take away their stealth advantage while they’re playing hide and seek, but it’ll make sure that drivers won’t be able to miss them if they happen to run out into the street. Yellow is the best color to choose and, when fluorescent, is considered the most noticeable hue in the dark. If you don’t happen to have fluorescent colors hanging out in your kids closet, dress them in white or stop by your local bike or sports shop to pick up some reflective gear.

Reflectivity is your friend. Using reflective strips on any article of clothing is key. If you’re shopping for a new pair of sneakers for your kids, be sure to keep an eye out for the type that have reflective strips on the side or the back. Add some reflective tape to backpacks, walking aids, or even shirt sleeves to ensure your kids are easy to notice as they’re running around the neighborhood with their friends.

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Follow these street safety tips and make sure your kids are safe at night!