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What to Take to a Tailgate: The Obvious and the Easily Forgotten

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What to take to a tailgate: football

Wondering what to take to a tailgate this season? We’ve got you covered.

There is nothing that says autumn like football, and there is nothing that says football like tailgating. If you’re a dedicated sports fan, it’s likely you’ll be heading to the stadium for a game this fall (or maybe already have). If you want to celebrate in true style, you should consider going early for a tailgate. New to the idea? Then take a look at what to take to tailgate. You may be surprised about what you may have forgotten.

What to Take to a Tailgate

Remember the food…but don’t forget the grill.

1. Remember the food…

A real tailgate should have all kinds of delicious tailgate foods: burgers and steaks, chips and buffalo dip, potato salad and cookies, and more. You’ll also need to grab utensils, plates, napkins, and a trash bag to throw it all in when you’re done.

…but don’t forget the grill.

To make your delicious meats, you’ll need to bring your portable grill. Don’t forget your grill essentials as well.

2. Remember the memorabilia…

If you’re a loyalist to a fault, there’s no doubt you’ll be decked out in your team’s colors: shirts, hats, we’re number one fingers, and maybe even some face paint.

…but don’t forget to accommodate for the weather.

It might rain or get mighty cold, so make sure you have extra layers in your team’s colors, and maybe even a poncho.

3. Remember the beer…

Let’s face it. Beer is the “What to Take to a Tailgate 101” essential. You just can’t have a good tailgate without beer. It’s your time to let loose, and besides, who wants to pay seven bucks a drink inside the stadium if you can get drunk in the parking lot for five?

…but don’t forget to bring solo cups and koozies.

You’re going to want to keep your drinks cold and, uh, private, just in case anyone has an issue with you drinking alcohol outside the stadium.

4. Remember the cooler…

Because you want your beer to be cold, right?

…but don’t forget the other beverages.

Yes, your cooler should be filled with mostly beer. But for the youngsters in the group, and any designated drivers, you’ll want to save some room for water, juice, and soda.

5. Remember the football…

Everybody likes to toss the pigskin themselves before the game, even though the pros are getting ready to do it so much better.

…but don’t forget to bring some other games.

Some other tailgate favorites include hillbilly golf and cornhole. And in case you’re feeling a little worn out, it might be nice to sit down and play some cards for a bit.

6. Remember the music…

Good music will really set the tone to your tailgate experience.

…but don’t forget the speakers.

Relying on your car’s stereo system could be a bust, so you’ll probably want to bring your own sound system, big or small, to make sure everyone can hear your jams.

7. Remember the seats…

Pack enough seats for everyone in your party so you can sit back and enjoy your beers before the game.

…but don’t forget the tent.

In case it rains, you’re going to want to cover the food, booze, and other necessities in the back of your truck or SUV.

Is there anything else you’d recommend we bring? Let us know, in your opinion, what to take to a tailgate in the comments below.