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Another Week to Wait for the Nissan Vision Gran Turismo Concept

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Nissan Vision Gran Turismo ConceptA few days back, Nissan threw a graphic up on their news site that compiled all 148 cars that have thus far featured in the Gran Turismo games and sealed the list with a little car hiding beneath a little red cover that it promised would be revealed on June 10. Apparently, Nissan learned a little something from the greatest joke in the history of Twitter and is valuing the antici…pation of the reveal more than the actual unveiling itself by providing us with yet another teaser image, another vague blurb, and another date: June 16.

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Nissan Vision Gran Turismo Concept

Wah-lah, we suppose.

The teaser page reads:

On Monday, June 16, Nissan will reveal the next chapter in its story to an audience that has always shared a passion for performance.

Oh, goody! Just five more days to wait for something we were sposta see yesterday.

There’s enough in this sentence for plenty of conjecture, however. It can be assumed that the aforementioned performance-passionate audience will be Gran Turismo 6 players.

The unusual shape pretty much squashes any chances of this being the new GT-R. We’re pretty much guaranteed that this is Nissan’s contribution to the Vision Gran Turismo project, but that’s not to say the concept won’t provide some degree of inspiration in the development of the next Godzilla.

Don’t be too surprised, however, if Monday comes and goes and we don’t get a full look at the Nissan Vision Gran Turismo Concept. This tweet from Nissan VP Andy Palmer almost leads one to believe that the brand could be rolling a real-life example of this thing out at FoS, which doesn’t start until June 26.

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Stay tuned for the latest developments (or non-developments) this Monday!