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Tesla Lemon Lawsuit May Be Bogus After All

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Tesla's blog suggests that their accuser and his oh-so-entertaining lawyer have a history of accusing carmakers of violating lemon laws. How funny, eh?

Tesla Lemon Lawsuit


Earlier this week, a lawyer who proclaims himself the “King of Lemon Laws” decided he needed to make as big a show as possible out of his effort to bring Tesla to court under Wisconsin lemon laws for a Model S that seemed to almost never work. Today, Tesla issued their response to Vince Megna, and boy, was it ever a doozy. Of course, I don’t mean “a doozy” in the sense that they made utter asses out of themselves by making a ridiculous YouTube video. No, we mean it’s a doozy because it pretty much cuts right to the quick and calls the “King of Lemon Laws” out for being the automotive equivalent of an ambulance-chaser while simultaneously questioning the legitimacy of the car buyer’s claim.

Via the Tesla blog:

“…[T]here are factual inaccuracies in the lawyer’s story. The customer did not make three demands for a buy-back. The only time any such claim was made was in a legal form letter sent to Tesla in November 2013 as a prerequisite for pursuing the claim in Wisconsin. Our service team was in close contact with the customer both before and after we received the letter, and the possibility of a buy-back was never mentioned during those discussions.”

Okay, so that pretty much cuts to the chase and confirms that somebody here isn’t being totally forthcoming. Of course, I’m sure this will be easily resolved if Robert Montgomery can produce documentation of his requests for a buy-back. I’m sure Vince Megna will be able to find them stashed away somewhere in the creepy room in his house where he keeps all the life-size cardboard cut-outs of Hollywood actors (aka his “fun room”).

Tesla Lemon Lawsuit

You are my one and only friend, George. Let’s have a tea party.

“To give you a sense of our service relationship with this customer, it’s worth considering our efforts to resolve two of his main complaints. One related to malfunctioning door handles. Even though our service team wasn’t able to replicate the issue with the door handles as described, we replaced all the handles anyway. Despite the fix, the customer said the problem persisted. We were never able to reproduce the alleged malfunction but offered to inspect the car again and are still trying to do so.”

Oh, you mean the door handles that the lawyer struggles with in the video by mashing his fingers into them like an ape discovering and rejoicing over the fact that snow is cold? The same door handles that, one Old Man Megna stopped slamming his fingers into them, opened quietly and without issue? I’m sure they don’t work at all. The lawyer totally said they didn’t (even though he himself got them to work).

The blog also goes on to discuss the issue of a blown fuse, suggesting that no problems were ever found but Tesla engineers nonetheless did whatever they could to fix the issues. Eventually, the engineers came to the conclusion that the fuse had been tampered with. They’re trying to tell you now, it’s sabotage!

Tesla Lemon lawsuit

Imma set straight this Tesla -gate.

“After investigating, they determined that the car’s front trunk had been opened immediately before the fuse failure on each of these occasions. (The fuse is accessed through the front trunk.) Ultimately, Tesla service applied non-tamper tape to the fuse switch. From that point on, the fuse performed flawlessly.”

Tesla even produces a document where it’s revealed that Robert G. Montgomery and Vince Megna are no strangers at all. In fact, back in February 2013, they sued Volvo Cars of North America for…you guessed it…violating lemon laws. Where there’s smoke….okay, maybe fire is a sensitive subject still when it comes to Teslas.

Tesla finishes off their blog with this absolute zinger. It’s so devastating, you’d swear you had to punch in a 10-button code on a game pad before you read it and that when you did, you could faintly hear the sound of a voice off in the distance saying, “Fatality!”

“We are continuing our efforts to work with the customer and are happy to address any legitimate concerns he has about his Model S. Customer service remains of utmost importance to Tesla, and no Model S owner should be unhappy with their car. However, we would also like the public to be aware of the potential for lemon laws to be exploited by opportunistic lawyers.”

Where is B2K at, y’all? ‘Cause Vince Megna and Robert Montgomery may have just been served. We’ll keep you posted on the latest from this suit as news develops.