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Tesla Postpones Semi Reveal to Help Puerto Rico Recovery From Post-Hurricane Power Outages

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A few days ago, Elon Musk announced Tesla’s decision to delay the Semi unveiling to focus more on lending a hand to Puerto Rico as it recovers from the recent hurricanes. The Semi reveal had previously been scheduled for October 26th.

This decision also stems from the company’s desire to smooth out the kinks with Model 3 production. Musk has claimed that the company is “deep in production hell” and that more details would be posted later on. Musk estimates that it will be another 6-8 weeks before the Model 3 design studio for non-employee reservation holders would be available.

Tesla’s decision to postpone the Semi reveal to help Puerto Rico is a generous gesture appreciated by both residents and Governor Ricardo Rossello. Musk and Rossello had a 25-minute phone conversation this past Friday to brainstorm how Tesla could help speed the island’s recovery by implementing the company’s solar energy products.

Rossello refers to the talk as a positive first step in catalyzing Puerto Rico’s recovery. As he articulates, “I told [Musk] because of the devastation, if there is a silver lining, we can start re-conceptualizing how we want to produce energy here in Puerto Rico and distribute it and do it in a more reliable fashion.”

Tesla has already succeeded with its solar projects in Hawaii and American Samoa. According to USA Today, Musk believes that they can introduce a larger version of these systems to Puerto Rico. We await further details from Tesla about the Semi reveal on November 16th as well its exciting collaboration with Puerto Rico to help revamp its power network.

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