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Tesla Reveals New Roadster and Electric Semi-Truck

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Tesla’s Roadster and semi-truck reveal

Last night, Tesla revealed two models with peak zero-to-60 mph performance and a substantial range: its new Roadster sports car and electric semi-truck.

The Roadster has the quickest acceleration rate of a production car up to date, due to its capacity to go from zero to 60 mph in just 1.9 seconds. It can also attain speeds over 250 mph, while delivering a range of 620 miles. The Roadster is outfitted with four seats, unlike the company’s first version of this model which became extinct in 2012.

tesla reveal

Photo: iGadgetPro

As fantastic as the innovative Roadster is, however, Tesla’s reveal emphasized its unique electric semi-truck design. It takes just five seconds to go from a standstill to 60 mph, with an empty trailer. When it has a full load, it achieves that same acceleration in 20 seconds–still impressive for such a massive truck.

The semi-truck’s range proves another bragging point for Tesla. Fully loaded, the truck can go up to 500 miles on the highway, which would allow the driver to complete a round trip before needing to recharge. Tesla will also provide a 300-mile version of the semi-truck, to suit a wider range of preferences.

tesla reveal

Photo: iGadgetPro

Besides performance prowess, the new semi-truck will come rigged with AutoPilot, Tesla’s semi-autonomous driving system. Drivers will also enjoy a roomier cabin due to the lack of a bulky diesel engine. The driver’s seat is centered in the middle of the cabin with two touch screens on either side of the wheel, for a refreshingly avant-garde style and high-tech convenience.

Exactly how much will the Roadster and semi-truck cost? Those interested in the new Roadster can expect to pay a reservation deposit of $50,000 plus a price tag of $200,000. Tesla has yet to declare the cost of the semi-truck. However, Tesla claims that the low cost of running the truck combined with drive systems guaranteed to last for 1 million miles, should enable buyers to make a return on this investment after about two years of owning it.

News Source: CNN Tech