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The 2021 Silverado is Headed to Argentina and Brazil

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2021 Silverado
Two South American countries will soon be getting the new Silverado
Photo: Chevrolet

Earlier this year, Chevrolet held a special event in Argentina. The event saw the official unveiling of the latest Silverado, marking the first appearance of the truck’s fourth-generation iteration in the region. The response from Argentine consumers was strong, and the eventual introduction of the truck into the market seemed like a sure thing. Low and behold, official confirmation has finally come: the 2021 Silverado is indeed headed to Argentina before year’s end. But the news doesn’t end there, as Chevy has announced plans to bring the latest Silverado to Brazil, as well.

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The 2021 Silverado in South America

The latest Silverado may be new to Argentina, but the nameplate has a long association with the country. The truck’s 1980’s origins can actually be traced back to Argentina, where the vehicle was produced and sold until 2001. After nearly 20 years and a resurgence of interest in the pickup truck segment, the reintroduction of the Silverado to the country is set in stone.

“Finally, we can say that we will have the new Silverado at the end of this year in Argentina,” said Vice President of Operations at GM South America, Ernesto Ortíz. “We already have it available in Chile and Paraguay with incredible results, exceeding all our sales projections. We are going to introduce it to the Argentine market between the months of November and December.”

But Argentina won’t be the only South American country to receive the new Silverado. Ortíz went on to mention that Chevrolet will “introduce the Silverado in Argentina before Brazil.” This confirms that South America’s largest automotive market will receive the pickup, and that may only be the beginning. The move to introduce the 2021 Silverado to both Argentina and Brazil is part of a larger strategy on GM’s part to corner the South American truck market. With these countries added to their ventures in Chile and Paraguay, a GM truck renaissance in the region seems imminent.

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As per Chevrolet’s announcement, the 2021 Chevy Silverado is expected to release in Argentina in the final months of 2020. The pickup will hit the Brazilian market sometime in 2021.