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The ‘Cars’ Movie without Cars is Just Traffic Lights and Owen Wilson Yelling

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Cars but without cars

The ‘Cars’ movie without cars seems super meta

YouTube is a place for many things – vlogs, tutorials, news, skits, etc. It can also be the home to some of the strangest (and albeit, hilarious) trends of today’s world. One of these trends is altering movies in a way that makes them either completely nonsensical or extremely brilliant.

Take, for example, the Bee Movie. This film is subject to many memes across the internet because of the absurdity of the film’s plot (a human woman falling in love with a BEE, voiced by Jerry Seinfeld). People have turned the film into parody by cutting it into shorter videos on YouTube, including viral hits like “The entire Bee Movie but every time they say bee it gets faster” or “Bee Movie backwards without bees but every time they say ‘eeB’ it speeds up.” Like I said, YouTube is a strange place.


The trend continues with ‘Cars’

But aside from the Bee Movie getting shredded by somebody with Final Cut Pro, others have taken to doing this to additional films. The YouTube account But Without specializes in this. The profile currently has nineteen videos of popular animated films cut to viewers’ desires. The first video from the account, posted last month, was “Cars but without cars.” One would initially think, “But the whole movie would be gone!” Well my friend, you would be wrong.

Cars but without cars

So many roads and absolutely no cars.

As But Without’s video shows, the Cars movie without cars is quite intriguing and evidence as to why fans keep requesting similar uploads. In the eerie video, we never see any actual cars (aside from some car-shaped bugs and a statue of Radiator Springs’ founder, Stanley) – no Lightning McQueen, Mater, Sally, or Doc Hudson. It’s literally just a bunch of first-person, er… car, views with Owen Wilson shouting about a lot of things.

Cars but without cars

There’s that trusty ol’ stop light again!

A few stop lights are thrown in and some roads and maps are occasionally shown. And possibly the most startling transition is Rascal Flatt’s rendition of “Life is a Highway” getting cut short by a pair of headlights shining on a dark, ominous road. All in all, it’s an entertaining video and possibly more emotionally invested than the first two original films. All I can say is that when the new movie comes out, I will be eagerly awaiting a re-cut from But Without.

Check out “Cars but without cars” below: