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The National Corvette Museum Opens Up Its Parking Lot for Those Fleeing Hurricane Irma

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Those escaping the wrath of Irma now have somewhere to park in the interim

It seems like only a short while ago that Hurricane Harvey made landfall in Texas, leaving devastation in its wake. Even as the nation recovers and rebuilds following the fallout of that tropical storm, Hurricane Irma, one of the most powerful Atlantic tropical storms every recorded, makes its way to the East Coast, set to make landfall in Florida between Sunday and Monday.

Thousands of residents from coastal states like Florida and South Carolina are currently looking for a safe place to evacuate to, rather than attempting to ride the storm out. If they happen to be headed to Kentucky, then they will at least be able to find a place to park.

The National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, Kentucky has offered to open up its parking lot for anyone needing a place to park their vehicles in lieu of Hurricane Irma.

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In addition to the space for parking, the National Corvette Museum has also worked to put together a list of lodging options for anyone heading to the Bowling Green area. For more information, visitors to the city can also contact the Bowling Green Area Convention and Visitors Bureau.

Unfortunately, this weekend, when the hurricane is scheduled to hit, is not the ideal time for a mass exodus of weather-weary visitors. Holley LS Fest, a celebration of all things Chevrolet-related, takes place from September 8 to September 10 in Bowling Green, so many of the area hotels may already be completely booked.

Still, for those fleeing from the oncoming onslaught of a currently Category 5 hurricane, a place where they can safely store their vehicles might be exactly what they are looking for right now.

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News Source: GM Authority