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The Rise of Green Technology and the Taxi Industry

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2018 Toyota Prius C

Toyota has been selling its hybrid Prius since 1997, with many variations being made over the years

Within the last few years the green car revolution has accelerated at a rapid rate all around the world. This is largely due to many governments announcing bans and fines on petrol and diesel vehicles, but also because it has become such a large focus for car manufacturers. Practically every manufacturer has at least one electric or hybrid automobile in their range with many brilliant electric cars now featuring all kinds of amazing technology.


A change in perception

This has led to the public becoming increasingly eco-conscious and many have started to make the switch to green vehicles. Although they can be expensive to buy new, they offer significant cost savings in terms of fuel and road tax, so it’s easy to see why so many people are making the switch. Additionally, previous concerns like range anxiety are no longer an issue as battery technology has improved drastically and the charging infrastructure is improving at a rapid rate around the world.

2017 Ford Transit Connect Hybrid Taxi

Ford Transit hybrid taxi


The taxi industry

This has also meant that many transportation industries have had to think about their position. The cab industry, for example, needs to think about making the switch to green cars, as they spend more time on the road than your average motorist. With bans and charges being introduced in major cities like London (where cabs are everywhere), a taxi firm can benefit from buying an electric car when looking for a taxi for sale to avoid paying charges.



Making the switch will also result in savings, as they will not be using fuel and can benefit from no road tax, so it’s a smart financial move to make for taxi firms. Having an electric fleet can also do wonders for brand reputation. Seeing as modern day society seems to favor electric vehicles, you can stand out from the crowd and show that you are eco-conscious with a green fleet. This could attract new customers whilst also retaining existing ones. This is particularly true when you invest in the latest vehicles, as they feature the best tech and provide a greater passenger experience.

We are beginning to see taxi firms introduce electric taxis in a few major cities and it’s easy to see the rest following suit very soon, especially when bans for petrol and diesel come in to place. The green car revolution is important as it is helping to save the environment, but there are also many superb vehicles available that can significantly benefit any type of motorist.

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