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These Five Apps Make Buying a Car More Convenient

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With the influx of new 2018 models flooding dealerships, finding a new car can be a daunting challenge this time of year. Let modern technology make your task easier. Here are five nifty apps available to download to your smartphone or android that will help take the headache out of car shopping.


Simply walk onto a dealership’s car lot and open the app to discover the average cost for each vehicle that other buyers paid. TrueCar is a great option for those wanting to quickly access pricing information for the model that they’re interested in.


This useful technology assists those searching for a used, certified pre-owned, or new vehicle. Click on the app to browse models at local dealerships. You can also obtain pricing information and a free vehicle history report for each car.

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Even if you’re purchasing a compact car, hopefully it’s larger than the one pictured here.
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This app gives you the lowdown on a vehicle’s price, pricing adjustments, and how long it has been for sale. You can even set up price alerts when the price tag lowers on a vehicle you’re interested in. Autolist is great for those who want to explore a wide selection of models while viewing high-definition pictures as they decide on which ride to buy.


Utmost convenience is what you’ll get with this app. Simply scan a sale vehicle’s bar code to obtain its information and specs. You can also compare up to 10 autos at once. For the indecisive, peruse CarMax’s 40,000-vehicle stock of autos available for purchase.


Access vehicle specs, reviews, and pricing calculators via this useful tool. Besides listing the average maintenance and fuel costs for certain models, the Edmunds app also has a “Buy a Car” feature to connect you with regional vehicles that meet your new car preferences.

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