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Things to Keep in Mind When Planning a Trunk or Treat

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Things to Keep in Mind When Planning a Trunk or Treat

Consider these things to keep in mind when planning a Trunk or Treat.

If you’re planning a Trunk or Treat, you’ll of course need to find a venue, recruit volunteers, and set up a schedule (you can read our tips on organizing a Trunk or Treat here), but there are some other things you’ll need to keep in mind as you put everything together. Run down our list and make sure you’ve got all your bases covered.

  • Survey parents about any allergies: If any participating children have specific allergies, you’ll need to encourage parents to have candy that they can offer to that child specifically. To be safe, buy a few extra bags for parents who might forget.
  • Make sure car decorations are age appropriate: If you’re planning a Trunk or Treat for a bunch of screaming toddlers, it’s probably best to tell parents that any horror-related themes are out of the question. Instead, encourage them to decorate their cars like their child’s favorite TV show, movie, book, or something else fun, like a farm or the ocean. If the children participating are a little older, then you can go for the blood and guts!
  • Set a no driving zone: One of the benefits of a Trunk or Treat is that it is much safer. Children are not running in and out of the street or getting lost, and, depending on whom you invite, you should be able to trust all the adults passing out candy. One thing that can make it dangerous, however, is someone driving through the parking lot while the kids are out and about. Section off your portion of the lot with cones, and set a no driving time (for example, 6pm – 8pm) for the event.
  • Plan some extra activities: The children might start to get a little bored at the Trunk or Treat if there’s not enough going on. Check out these fun Trunk or Treat activities ideas for inspiration.

Ultimately, remember that hosting a Trunk or Treat is meant to be fun and creative. Stick to those principles, and you’ll do just fine! Happy Halloween!