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This is What a Quad-Turbo V12 Looks Like in a Toyota 86

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Engine bay

It seems the Toyota 86 is a popular platform for engine mods—probably because it’s cheap, lightweight, rear-wheel-drive, and roomy enough under the hood to actually accommodate bigger engines than the stock 2.0-liter flat-four. That many people believe the 86 to be perfectly balanced but lacking juuuust a little extra bit of horsepower likely helps as well.

Still, “a little extra bit” doesn’t properly describe some of the monster Toyota 86 builds that we’ve seen. Ryan Tuerck famously slapped a Ferrari V8 engine in his 86 and last year we learned of an Australian outfit’s efforts to equip the car with a 1,000-horsepower GT-R engine.

Now a new group called KK Performance, based in the United Arab Emirates, decided to join in the fun, this time by giving the Toyota 86 a massive 5.0-liter V12. The V12 is from another Toyota and the only V12 the automaker offers in its lineup: the Century limousine.

As if that weren’t enough, KK Performance also threw in not one, not two, but four small turbochargers—because why not? (If you’re really wondering why not just a single, bigger turbo, it’s probably because multiple smaller ones help eliminate turbo lag in large capacity engines such as a 5.0-liter).

The build is so crazy that the guys who uploaded the video, seen below, had originally believed the engine to be a mere ornament.

As for power, KK Performance estimates a modest 800 horsepower, which could probably go up by quite a healthy amount with some tuning. Regardless, it sounds phenomenal.