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This Subaru Impreza Commercial Featuring Willie Nelson and a Dog Will Make You Cry

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Heartwarming ‘Dream Weekend’ follows a man and his dog on a bucket list quest

The adorable dog from the Subaru Impreza ad, "Dream Weekend"

The adorable dog from the Subaru Impreza ad, “Dream Weekend”

Subaru is on a roll this year with advertisements of the emotional variety. First, the automaker launched a 2016 Forester commercial called “Making Memories,” which put us in the eyes of a father watching his daughter slowly grow up, until the time came for him to hand her the keys to his old Subaru Forester (and take delivery of his own new 2016 Forester). The nostalgic commercial gave us all the feels, and, if I can be honest, some of us in the office may have cried the first time we watched it. (I won’t say who.) You can watch it at the end of this post.

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Now, Subaru has put out a commercial for the new Impreza, titled “Dream Weekend.” The new ad is just as moving as the first and features the musical styling of Willie Nelson, performing “I’ve Loved You All Over the World.” Watch below, but be warned, you’ll probably cry:

The ad takes us on a journey with a man and his 14-and-¾-year-old dog as they cross off items on the dog’s bucket list, which includes meeting up with his old girlfriend, a massage at a hotel, chewing a shoe, sky diving, and, of course, the road trip in the Impreza that opens them up to completing all the other experiences. See a full list of things on the dog’s bucket list here.

Subaru Impreza commercial - willie nelson - dog bucket list

The dog’s bucket list in the Subaru Impreza commercial is quite extensive

The commercial truly embodies the spirit of Subaru: “safety, reliability, and adventure,” and, of course, the brand’s dedication to all things living—human or not. In fact, one of the aims of this commercial, aside from selling us on the Impreza, is to challenge pet guardians to determine how they can possibly repay their dogs for the love and dedication they have shown their whole lives. See, we told you—you’re crying right now.

subaru impreza commercial - dog on beach - willie nelson

If this doesn’t make you sappy, you have no soul

Subaru even launched a new social media campaign around this idea, called #MakeADogsDay. The campaign challenges dog lovers to “do even more for their pets” and then share those idea on social media outlets.

subaru impreza dog commercial

Dog selfies are important

The commercial was produced by Agency of Record Carmichael Lynch and directed by Noam Murro, a Directors Guild of America award winner.

Here are some more screen grabs of the shenanigans the duo got into (#BreakingAllTheRules):

Subaru’s advertising, matched with the brand’s superior vehicles, have put the brand in incredible standing in terms of sales figures. Sales have been on the rise over the last several years for the Japanese automaker, so much so that the company is having trouble keeping up and must answer an important question—is it ready to move up to the level of much larger automakers, like Honda or Toyota? Just last month, Subaru managed to sell 44,335 vehicles, up 7.2% over June of last year.

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The Willie Nelson “Dream Weekend” ad is not the first Subaru commercial to feature a dog, however, and it will definitely not be the last. Subaru previously ran a campaign with the Barkleys, a family of dogs driving around in Subarus. You can read up on the dogs in the ads here.

You can check out the Subaru Forester “Making Memories” commercial below: