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Tips for Fixing That Sagging, Detached Roof Liner in Your Car

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The majority of drivers put a lot of effort into maintaining their vehicle under the hood, around the wheels, and along the body; but over time, the interior of a vehicle can suffer gradual wear and tear too. Because it’s often ignored until it’s too late, cosmetically repairing a car’s cabin can be a real pain.

One area that can become an unsightly nuisance to many car owners is the vehicle’s roof liner–the fabric that stretches across the ceiling. With age, moisture, heat, and wear, that fabric can come loose from the foam ceiling and sag. That’s especially likely if your vehicle has a sunroof where moisture can leak in.

If this is happening to your car, here are some ideas for fixing that sagging roof liner.

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The simplest way to repair that detached fabric is to simply find a way to reattach it. If small patches of the liner have simply peeled loose, this is the easiest fix. The best method for evenly adhering the liner back on is a spray-on glue. Make sure you use a product that’s made for reattaching car upholstery fabric, or at least is durable enough to withstand the temperature and weather damage.

Other quick methods of reattaching the current liner fabric include staples, pins, and heavy-duty tape–but these aren’t good long-term solutions, especially if the foam padding underneath is deteriorating. Plus, using spots of glue will probably result in splotches in the fabric and discoloration. To fully and truly solve the problem, it’s going to take some extra effort or money.

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Start by removing the fabric entirely from the ceiling and seeing what the condition underneath is. This evaluation will help you determine if you can simply attach a brand new fabric as-is or if you need to remove the entire liner piece from the car (either to repair it or buy a replacement).

If possible, remove the liner so it makes less of a mess, but if you cannot, leave the liner in the car. Either way, use a wire brush to remove what foam is left if it’s falling apart. Then, get a light, airy fabric from a craft store and cut it to fit the ceiling shape, leaving an extra inch or two around the edges. Use a suitable adhesive spray and flatten the fabric across the liner. Then, reinstall the liner with the new cover on it.

If this looks like it will take too much work, take it to a car shop that does re-upholstery and spend the couple hundred to get it done professionally.

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