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Tips for Telling Your Loved One You Wrecked the Car

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Talking on the Phone while Driving you wrecked the car
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Whether you back into another car in the parking lot or get into a fender bender on the highway, getting into a wreck can be a scary experience. Sometimes, an equally scary experience is telling your parent, spouse, or another close individual that you damaged your vehicle, especially if they’re the ones paying for said vehicle. If you’re currently in the process of trying to tell your loved one you that you wrecked the car, be sure to keep these tips in mind.

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Stay calm

If you’re already on the verge of tears when starting the conversation with your loved one, your conversation could end up being even more intense and stressful. Before telling them about the car, attempt to calm down by taking deep breaths and reminding yourself that they will still love you, even if they get upset about the wreck.

Warn them ahead of time

Be sure to begin your conversation by informing your loved one that you have bad news. They will likely take the news better if they are given time to mentally prepare for what you’re about to say.

Be honest

When letting your loved one know about the wreck, the most important thing to do is be honest since lying will only make matters worse. Let them know exactly what happened during and after the accident, such as if you exchanged information with another driver or called the police.

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At the end of the day, your loved ones care more about your safety than your vehicle, so remember that any anger they have won’t last forever. While telling your loved one you wrecked the car can be uncomfortable, some good can come out of the situation if you use it as a learning experience and drive with additional caution on the road.