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Top 5 Weird Car Laws in Pennsylvania

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As one of the oldest states in the nation, Pennsylvania has a rich history dating back to 1691. As well as housing Independence Hall, where the Declaration of Independence and US Constitution were drafted, the Keystone State is home to a number of bizarre laws regarding roads and vehicles. Below are just five examples.

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Pittsburgh Trolley weird car laws

Don’t try and take your donkey on one of these
Photo: Roger DuPuis

5. Trolley Car

Okay, so not technically a car, but the city of Pittsburgh has an interesting law regarding trolley cars and donkeys.

It is illegal in the city to bring your donkey or mule onto a trolley car. This one makes sense, but how many people in Pittsburgh have donkeys or mules?



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car dealership sales

“Here you g… NO, WAIT! It’s a SUNDAY!”

4. Vehicle Sales

Ever bought a car on a Sunday in Pennsylvania? Well, if you have, then you have unwittingly broken the law.

Yep, that’s right. The state of Pennsylvania prohibits motor vehicles from being sold on Sundays. At least you know now!Previous-ButtonNext-Button


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parking meter

You can park here, but leave your horse at home
Photo: Thomas Hawk

3. Parking Meters

Given the amount of livestock living in the state of Pennsylvania, perhaps this next law isn’t that surprising. In the town of Tarentum, Pennsylvania, it is illegal to tie your horse to a parking meter… even if you insert money into said meter.Previous-ButtonNext-Button


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horse in road weird pennsylvania laws

Better whip out your camo cover if you see this dude in the road!
Photo: Lotzman Katzman

2. Horses

Since horses are fairly prevalent in Pennsylvania, the state has another law regarding how motorists should react when they see horses in the road.

Rather than simply pulling over, the driver must pull well off the road, cover the car with a canvas or blanket that blends with the countryside, and let the horses pass.



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cows in road weird pennsylvania car laws

Forgot to set off the flares again!
Photo: Jonathon Hodge

1. Flares

Rounding out the top five is, understandably, a law about animals. The state requires that drivers cruising on country roads at night must stop every mile and set off a flare or some other warning signal, before waiting 10 minutes to allow any livestock to clear the road.

Pretty sure no one abides by this law, since a simple 5-mile drive down the road would take you all night.Previous-ButtonNext-Article-Button