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Toronto Uber and Lyft Drivers Have New Rules to Follow

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Toronto Uber and Lyft
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As of Jan. 1, ride-share drivers in Toronto are now required to meet specific standards for training and experience behind the wheel — with the goal of making transportation safer and friendlier for customers.

Narcity reports that Toronto Uber and Lyft drivers — along with taxi, limo, and other vehicle-for-hire operators — will now have to prove that they have at least three years of driving experience before they’re cleared for action. Before passage of the new city bylaw, these drivers only needed a single year of experience on the road.

The bylaw also states that drivers-for-hire must attend approved training programs in order to get their licenses renewed. These programs would cover topics like diversity and sensitivity, antiracism training, accessibility for riders with disabilities, and urban driving skills.

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Toronto Uber and Lyft
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New drivers need to provide proof of training by June 1, while drivers who already possess licenses have until the end of 2020.

Along with new training and experience standards, the bylaw requires drivers to install “Watch for Bike” stickers in their vehicles so exiting passengers remain alert. They’ll also need to send out bike warning push notifications via their ride-share apps. In addition, drivers will need to post notices if they’re using security cameras inside the vehicle.

Riders with disabilities will benefit from another provision of the bylaw. A total of 10 cents from each ride will go toward a funding program that will pay for outfitting vehicles with wheelchair-accessibility equipment. However, riders and drivers in vehicles that are already accessible won’t have to pay into the fund.

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