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Toyota Arizona Helps Hawks Have a Handsome Home

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Toyota Arizona Proving Ground Hawk (4)


Toyota is known for welcoming wildlife to its facilities across the US. First, Toyota established 10 honeybee hives at its Georgetown, Kentucky plant to help the endangered creatures thrive. Then, the automaker let local beavers take over its retention ponds at its facility in Blue Springs, Mississippi, creating a haven for other wildlife to thrive. Now, Toyota’s Phoenix, Arizona Proving Ground (TAPG) has helped rescue an orphaned red-tailed hawk, and re-positioned a nest to help attract roosting hawk couples.

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Toyota Arizona Proving Ground Hawk

Originally, a red-tailed hawk pair built their nest on a utility pole at Toyota’s facility in June of 2008. Sadly, one of the hawks died, and a chick was left behind to fend for itself. Realizing the situation, Toyota Arizona called Liberty Wildlife, which took the baby hawk to its rehabilitation center for six months before releasing it back into the wild.

Toyota Arizona Proving Ground Hawk

Knowing that red-tailed hawk nests are often reused year after year, the team members at TAPG moved the nest to a specially-erected 15-foot pole rather than the utility pole where it could case power outages and other safety concerns. Since then, the plant has become home to eight more hawks, who are carefully watched over by TAPG team members.

TAPG continues to work with Liberty Wildlife to provide a safe environment for these hawks, and were able to rehabilitate another baby hawk who fell from his nest earlier this year.

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