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Toyota Aygo Tells Drivers to Go Fun Themselves at Geneva

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Toyota Aygo

Toyota Aygo

It would be an entirely agreeable situation that if someone were to tell you with all sincerity to “Go Fun Yourself,” you’d be liable to come across the table at them. Toyota, however, is unafraid of reprisal and has affixed the catchphrase to the brand-new Toyota Aygo, which debuted at the recently-concluded Geneva Motor Show.

Immediately, the most striking feature of the Toyota Aygo is the “X” that crosses at the Toyota grille badge and carries up over the side mirrors and around the back of the vehicle. The subcompact will be defined by this tell-tale feature, as well as a litany of customizable features and a design scheme known as “J-Playful.”

The new Toyota Aygo is the result of a partnership between Toyota, Citroen, and Peugeot, and the latest iteration is definitely the sportiest and most fun version yet. In AutoCar UK’s first drive, the Aygo was lauded for having “much to like.”

While there are no plans to bring the Toyota Aygo to America, one can only hope that the more exciting design (which falls directly in line with the “waku doki” design scheme) will lead to this playful little thing making its way to U.S. shores.

We want to hear from you: would you drive the Aygo?