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Toyota Camry Production Will Move to Georgetown, KY in 2016

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Camry Production Will Move to Georgetown

Toyota Camry Production Will Move to Georgetown in 2016

The dream team that brought you the BRZ/FR-S twins, Toyota and Subaru, recently announced that Toyota Camry manufacturing will cease at Subaru’s parent company’ Fuji Heavy Industries’ plant in Indiana in fall 2016. The plant has been building Camrys since 2007, a couple of years after Toyota purchased an 8.7 percent stake in Fuji Heavy Industries. That stake now totals 16.5 percent, making Toyota the largest shareholder in the Japanese company.

The move will allow the Indiana plant to take on increased production of Subaru vehicles as the Japanese automaker increases to become more popular with American drivers. Originally, Subaru planned to increase production of its own vehicles while still producing around 100,000 Toyota models per year. Now, with Camry production leaving Indiana, Subaru has the opportunity to make even more of its vehicles here in the U.S.

Meanwhile, Toyota will move Camry production to Georgetown, KY, home of the automaker’s largest factory in North America. The Georgetown plant currently produces the Toyota Avalon, Camry, Venza, Avalon Hybrid, and Camry Hybrid models. In 2013, the factory was working at maximum capacity, producing a whopping 500,000 vehicles. Toyota already had plans to expand this to 550,000 next August with the introduction of the Lexus ES sedan.

Now, Toyota’s Georgetown plant will need to find room to make an additional 100,000 vehicles, bringing its grand total up to 650,000. As of now, Toyota has no plans to expand the Georgetown plant to accommodate the additional Camry production; luckily it has a couple of years to figure it out. After Camry production moves to Georgetown, Toyota and Subaru still plan to collaborate on researching and developing clean energy vehicles, like plug-in hybrids and EVs, as well as maintaining production of the popular Subaru BVZ/Scion FR-S/Toyota 86.