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Toyota CEO Osamu Nagata Receives Industry Leadership Award

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Osamu Nagata Receives Industry Leadership Award

Osamu Nagata races his entry for the students during the Toyota sponsored AWIM program at the 186th Street Elementary School in Gardena, California.

Every year, the SAE Foundation recognizes leaders who have made strides in advancing the mobility industry. This year, Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing of North America, Inc. President and CEO Osamu “Simon” Nagata will be the recipient of the prestigious 2014 Industry Leadership Award, due to be presenting today at Detroit’s historic Masonic Temple. Nagata’s long and prosperous career in the STEM industry earned him praise from the SAE Foundation, which is dedicated to promoting STEM education, which includes science, technology, mathematics, and engineering.

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Osamu Nagata began working at Toyota more than 34 years ago, and has risen through the ranks and occupied numerous leadership positions during his tenure. Some of the areas in which Nagata has worked include manufacturing, purchasing, and external affairs. Throughout each of his positions, Nagata has been an advocate of the SAE Foundation’s educational programs, and has been proud to support them both personally and through the Toyota USA Foundation.

“The Toyota USA foundation has been supporting SAE programs to educate students from elementary through high school and beyond. It is very important for us to give these opportunities for children to be involved in some activity related to STEM education.” Nagata said. “I believe we need to keep encouraging the younger generation to have expertise in science technology. Because this is their life, they are responsible for our society when they have grown up.”

Nagata will receive his award today during the SAE Foundation Banquet. We offer our congratulations to Mr. Nagata and his contributions to the mobility industry over the years.

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