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Toyota C-HR Concept Debuts as a Scion in LA

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Scion C-HR Concept

The Scion C-HR Concept

If you’ve been paying attention to any of the auto shows in the last year, you’ve probably noticed an array of compact crossovers being displayed by most automakers. Three of them—the Honda HR-V, Chevy Trax, and Mazda CX-3—have already made it to production and are being sold at this moment. Toyota is a bit behind, but the automaker’s C-HR concept will finally debut as a Scion production vehicle sometime in 2016.

The concept car made its world debut as a Scion model at the LA Auto Show yesterday, and we got to learn a bit more about this quirky-looking vehicle. C-HR stands for Compact size and High Ride height, and was designed with “yuccies” (young urban creatives) in mind. These customers let Toyota know that they wanted a more exciting crossover that would stand out from the boring and bland vehicles currently on the market.

Scion C-HR Concept

Now, if you’re like us, you’ll probably start rolling your eyes at this next part. When designing the C-HR, Toyota gathered some “yuccies,” and asked them to identify images with a harmony of form and function. The participants chose pictures of “sleek chopsticks made from recycled materials, an earthy but modern terrarium, and a cutting board with grid lines for precise slicing.” Yes.

Scion C-HR Concept

“The Scion C-HR will be a stand-out vehicle for us” explained Scion Vice President Andrew Gilleland. “Its styling will lead the way, but its substance will seal the deal. It’s got amazing driving dynamics, superb functionality, and, like all Scions, premium features at an accommodating price. There’s no doubt this will be the next iconic vehicle for Scion.”

The crossover concept comes with 21-inch wheels, an all-black roof on top of a red body, a low center of gravity, increased body rigidity, and exterior graphite black accents. The Scion C-HR was inspired by a “diamond with sheered sides,” in case you were wondering.

Pricing and technical specifications for the Scion C-HR will be made available once the production version is unveiled next year. While there’s no word on when in 2016 that might happen, we have our fingers crossed for either the Detroit Auto Show or the Chicago Auto Show.

Scion C-HR Concept