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Toyota Challenges Students to Build and Race Fuel Cell Vehicles

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Toyota has announced a new partnership with Horizon Educational Group that will combine learning in STEM fields with racing and alternative fuels.

Toyota will help the Horizon Education Group bring its unique Hydrogen Horizon Automotive Challenge to 20 schools in California distributed evenly between the Los Angeles and Orange Counties, 18 of which have already been confirmed.

The goal of the program is to get students engaged with next-generation automotive technology and thinking about the way climate change and the need for alternative fuels is shaping the future of mobility—and future they will have a hand in crafting.

During the hands-on program, teams of high school students will build their own fuel cell remote control vehicles and learn first-hand about fuel cell technology and its future—the same kind you can find under the hood (so to speak) of the hydrogen-powered Toyota Mirai.

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The program began last week at a teacher training event in Torrance, CA, and will end when the students race against each others’ vehicle in March 2017. Throughout these seven months, students will receive support and coaching from Toyota fuel cell engineers, Mirai owners, and even members of a Toyota NASCAR Pit Crew for the final race.

“The Hydrogen Horizon Automotive Challenge provides an opportunity to introduce the next generation of innovators to fuel cell technology,” said Doug Coleman, Toyota national vehicle marketing manager. “We hope this challenge encourages students to join Toyota in the effort to create a more eco-conscious and sustainable future.”

Check out the official press release below to see if your school is one of the lucky ones!

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Source: Toyota