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Toyota Dominates J.D. Power 2017 Vehicle Dependability Study

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The results of the J.D. Power 2017 Vehicle Dependability Study (VDS) were released two days ago and they are looking quite good for Toyota.

Not only was its Lexus luxury division ranked at the top of the dependability survey for the sixth consecutive year (this time in a tie with Porsche), the Toyota car division itself was ranked first among non-premium brands and third overall.

In addition, a whopping seven Toyota vehicles (and three Lexus cars) were at the top of their segments for dependability (out of 18 total segments), in effect dominating the competition. The closest other brand was GM with their vehicles leading four of the remaining eight segments.

In the J.D. Power VDS, cars and brands are ranked based on the average number of problems they experience per 100 vehicles. For example, the industry average is 156 PPV, meaning that of 100 vehicles, owners experience on average about 156 problems. According to J.D. Power, the average has actually gone up compared to last year by 4 PPV because of continued problems with in-car technology.

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All seven Toyota vehicles that led their segment experienced fewer problems than the industry average.

Once again, the study did not reflect well on most homebred brands. All Ford and Chrysler brands ranked below the industry average, while only GM brands shed a positive light on American cars.

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Source: J.D. Power 2017 Vehicle Dependability Study