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Toyota and the Environment: True BFFs

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From the early-2000s introduction of the Prius to the recent debut of the Mirai fuel-cell vehicle, Toyota is one automaker known for its love of all things eco-friendly. But it’s not just the automakers vehicles that display its commitment to the future health of our planet. Behind the scenes, Toyota and the environment are BFFs, too. Since Toyota is proud to toot its own horn (ha), it just put out a list of environmental achievements, and we think they’re worthy of repeating here on The News Wheel.Toyota and the Environment

Toyota and the Environment: Preserving Natural Resources

Toyota and the Environment: Recycling

  • In 2013, Toyota plants in North America were able to reduce, reuse, or recycle more than 95% of their non-regulated waste.
  • Thirty-two Toyota North American facilities are considered Zero Waste Businesses, which means they have 90% or greater diversion of all waste from landfill, incineration, or the environment.

Toyota and the Environment: Carbon Reduction

  • Starting next year, Toyota’s plant in Georgetown, Kentucky will produce 10,000 vehicles per year using green power generated from local landfill gas.
  • Also in 2015, the release of the Toyota Mirai fuel-cell vehicle will reduce carbon tailpipe emissions, since the vehicle uses hydrogen as fuel and omits only water vapor.

Toyota and the Environment: Conserving Water

  • In the fiscal year 2014, Toyota saved a whopping 93 million gallons of water in North America.
  • Canadian workers at Toyota’s Cambridge, Ontario plant were able to save 12 million gallons of water used in the painting process, which was then cleaned and recycled for further use.

Kudos to Toyota for going beyond simply making eco-friendly cars and making a difference to the planet in other ways, as well!