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Toyota GR Hilux Trademark Hints at Dakar-Inspired Truck

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Toyota Hilux GR Sport
Photo: Toyota

A new Toyota GR Hilux trademark in Australia is suggesting the company could be developing a high-performance variant of the popular pickup truck.

The trademark was actually filed a while back — on July 20, 2019 — but it was only just approved by Australia’s intellectual property office earlier this month. And since the World Intellectual Property Organization database shows no results for a GR Hilux, this would suggest the Gazoo Racing-built pickup would be exclusive to those living down under.

According to CarsGuide, which reached out to Toyota about the trademark, Toyota denied plans to introduce a GR Hilux. “But as always,” the automaker added, “It is something that we would definitely not rule out for the future, especially with the high level of interest for high-performance utes.”

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Certainly, this isn’t the first time we hear about a GR Hilux. To begin with, the Hilux is already offered with a GR Sport package (pictured above) that adds red and black trim elements and comes with an upgraded suspension. Secondly, Motor1 reported last year that Toyota Gazoo Racing president Shigeki Tomoyama had been pushing for a GR version of the Hilux, one that would be inspired by the organization’s Dakar competitor.

There’s obviously no news as to when a possible GR Hilux would be introduced since the company denies having any plans for it. That being said, as the next-gen Hilux is believed to be on its way for 2023, that ought to be the year to watch out for.

Furthermore, Automotive News (subscription required) reported in 2019 that Toyota would likely unify the platform underpinning both the Hilux and the Tacoma, the closest thing that North America has to the Australian pickup. Should that happen, it would open up the possibility of a future Toyota GR Hilux arriving in the United States as well.

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