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No Joke: Toyota Hovercar in the Works

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Toyota May sales

Imagine this Prius… hovering slightly above the road. Yep.

Remember watching movies and TV shows back when you were a kid and thinking how awesome the future would be? Flying cars, time travel, you name it—the new millennium was going to bring about some amazing changes. But then 2000 came and went without incident, and now it’s well into the second decade of the millennium. Where are the flying cars?! I’ll tell you: They are coming. For real. Meet the Toyota hovercar.

Toyota hovercar

Disclaimer: This is not what the Toyota hovercar will do.


Well, not quite. What I can tell you for sure is that Toyota’s research and development division has been merrily working away on some weird futuristic technology to create a Toyota hovercar that will glide very slightly above the roadway in order to reduce friction and make for a smoother ride. Unfortunately, development of cars that fly high above city streets is not yet in the works.

Toyota’s technical administration group managing officer Hiroyoshi Yoshiki wouldn’t comment further on this technology, so I can only speculate on when, if ever, a hovercraft-like car might make it to market.

And hope that it looks ever so slightly like Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.