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Toyota Jan Touts ToyotaCare Plus and SightLine Wipers in New Commercials

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toyota jan commercials toyotacare plusActress Laurel Coppock has long had a presence in Toyota’s U.S. advertising efforts in her role as Jan the spokesperson. We’ve followed her through two pregnancies, learning about her weird cravings for pickles and ice cream. We’ve learned about her YouTube series, The Breakwomb, and been thankful that Progressive’s Flo (Stephanie Courtney) didn’t get the Jan role. Now, Laurel/Jan is back to show us the wonders of ToyotaCare Plus, as well as Toyota’s fancy SightLine Hybrid Wiper Blades.

ToyotaCare Plus

In her ToyotaCare Plus commercial, a customer asks Jan about the scheduled maintenance and roadside assistance plan. Her response is that it delivers the security and peace of mind that ToyotaCare offers, but extends it even further. The customer then imagines himself as a baby bird, living safely in a nest while his mama regurgitates pizza for him. Pretty gross, but each to their own.

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Regular ToyotaCare covers two years or 25,000 miles of scheduled maintenance, plus two years and unlimited miles of roadside assistance. ToyotaCare Plus offers more options, from three years/35,000 miles to five years/75,000 miles. Roadside assistance also extends to cover the life of your ToyotaCare Plus plan.

SightLine Hybrid Wiper Blades

Jan also has two new commercials out for SightLine Hybrid Wiper Blades. The first commercial, Rorschach Test, shows an ink blot with Jan asking, “What do you see?” Well, Jan, I’ve been binging Riverdale, so I see either the Black Hood or the Gargoyle King. Jan’s answer, though, is that I need new wiper blades. And not just any wiper blades! Special ones designed to ergonomically hug the curves of my Toyota’s windshield (too bad I drive a Subaru right now).

The second SightLine commercial, Skydiver, shows Jan explaining to a customer that these magical wipers create a clearer view. ”And isn’t clearer better?” she asks. Cut to customer dude about to take a skydive after hearing unclear directions from his instructor. Yes, in this case (and in the case of windshields), clearer is definitely better.

These definitely aren’t Jan’s most exciting commercials, but it’s good to see that Toyota is still invested in its popular spokesperson. And if you drive a Toyota or are considering buying one, you just learned some valuable information.

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