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Toyota Mirai Runs on Lemonade (Yes, Really)

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Toyota Mirai fuel-cell car

What fuels the 2016 Toyota Mirai? Perhaps the question should be more about what doesn’t fuel the Mirai. So far, thanks to Toyota’s Fueled by Everything campaign, we know that the Mirai is fueled by water from an oil town and poop (yes, poop). The latest video shows that the Mirai can also be fueled by discarded lemonade from kids’ lemonade stands.

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The video shows children running unsuccessful lemonade stands, and tragically throwing away their unsold produce. Luckily for these children, an executive from Toyota tells them that she can take their surplus lemonade, turn it into hydrogen, and then turn that into fuel to power the Mirai. Problem solved! Let’s go home.

The children all gather round the Mirai that runs on lemonade power, and then proceed to try to swindle the nice lady who wants to buy their lemonade to turn into hydrogen fuel. Eventually, after some haggling, she loads the excess lemonade into the Mirai and drives off, leaving many happy children who are excited about the possibility of powering things with lemonade.

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Toyota Mirai powered by lemonade

The 2016 Toyota Mirai

The campaign is designed to highlight the eco-friendliness of the Mirai, which will arrive at eight California dealerships this October. If you live in California and are excited about a lemonade (or poop) powered car, you can order a Mirai right now (although there’s no guarantee you’ll be chosen for ownership).