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Toyota Prius “Heck on Wheels” Commercial Aims to Change Hybrid’s Reputation

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toyota prius heck on wheels commercial

This is about as badass as you can get

It’s common knowledge that the Toyota Prius is one of the most badass cars out there. Camaros shy away, while monster trucks pull over to let the Prius by. In fact, the Prius is so badass that it frequently makes people pop out of the bushes with guitars to play along to hair metal anthems.

Wait, what?

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In reality, the Prius has always been considered quite an unremarkable car, style-wise. Sure, it offers excellent fuel economy and emits fewer emissions than non-hybrid cars, but it’s always had a reputation for being pretty… vanilla. Until now, that is. Toyota just released the new fourth-generation Prius, and wants to establish the popular hybrid as a sporty, stylish choice as well as one of the most efficient offerings out there.  The newest commercial, “Heck on Wheels,” which debuted ahead of Super Bowl 50, takes this desired new reputation and runs with it. Check it out:

The 90-second commercial features a regular guy named Todd, who has a regular 8-to-5 job and just happens to drive a new 2016 Prius. As he drives to work, Todd starts to sing about his Prius in a song called “Heck on Wheels,” which sounds like a hair metal song straight out of the ’80s. Featuring lyrics such as “they never thought a Prius could feel so badass” and “it corners like a boomerang,” this commercial is most certainly catchy and will make people notice the redesigned hybrid.

Whether or not that will translate to more sales for the Prius, especially at a time when gas prices are extremely low and demand for trucks and crossovers is booming, remains to be seen.

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