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Toyota Prius Offers Steep Discounts in California

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It’s no secret that the Toyota Prius lineup is extremely popular with drivers on the west coast—particularly in California. But in recent months, the Prius’ popularity has been threatened by the Honda Accord, which was the Golden State’s best-selling vehicle in 2014. The Prius earned that same title in both 2012 and 2013, and now it looks like Toyota is getting serious about regaining its title as the King of California.

Toyota Prius California

2015 Toyota Prius

The Japanese automaker is now offering pretty steep discounts on all the models in the Prius lineup—including the original Prius, the Prius c city car, the Prius v wagon, and the Prius Plug-In. The Prius c appears to be the best buy of the lot, with a 9.8% discount off retail price in Southern California. Previously, the biggest discount offered on the Prius c in the region has been $750; the current discount tops $2,000.

Toyota Prius c discounts

2015 Toyota Prius c

Additionally, the Prius Plug-In has been given an additional $500 on the incentives offered to buyers of the liftback, bringing its total discount up to $2,000.

The Prius c and v saw slight design refreshes for 2015, but drivers are likely waiting to see the all-new 2016 Prius in person before making a purchase. The next-gen Prius is expected to offer increased fuel economy, as well as new styling that could help it appeal to a wider range of drivers. However, those interested in buying a hybrid vehicle before the 2016 Prius comes out can get a pretty good deal right now with these incentives, which began April 1st and last until May 4th.

News Source: Green Car Reports