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Toyota Releases Pictures of C-HR Concept Ahead of Paris Debut

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Toyota C-HR

The Toyota C-HR concept crossover

Last week, we shared a teaser photo Toyota had released of a new concept crossover that would make its world debut at the Paris Motor Show in October. Today, Toyota has released real images of the upcoming crossover in question so we can get a feel for what to expect come October 2nd.

The vehicle, named the C-HR Concept, is shown is a vibrant violet color (not surprising, considering concept cars usually come in these super cool colors, and then reach production offering only beige, silver, black, and perhaps a daring red or blue). The hybrid crossover is designed as a continuation of Toyota’s Under Priority and Keen Look design identity, and certainly stands out. It’s not your regular four-door, roomy crossover; instead, the C-HR Concept resembles a high-riding coupe complete with sporty finishes, a narrow grille, and huge wheels.

Toyota C-HR

The Toyota C-HR from above

At first glance, you probably think that the C-HR Concept would actually be pretty tricky to drive—blind spots appear everywhere, at least from the perspective we’ve been granted—but you can bet that should this concept ever make it to production, it’ll be redesigned to look more like a Toyota and less like a futuristic space car.

Keep your eyes peeled next month for the C-HR Concept’s debut at the Paris Motor Show.