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Toyota Should Really Use These Fake Toyota Jan Ads

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Toyota Jan ads

Toyota Jan is my spirit animal

Let’s be honest. Laurel Coppock’s Toyota Jan has become a TV commercial legend. She’s saved us from disaster, she’s made the funniest puns, and she’s even blown up some balloons for our amusement. We celebrate with her during the holidays, we come up with names for her baby, and we listen to her stories about parenthood. She’s so freaking popular that there is even a Latina version of Toyota Jan, named Mariela.

So intriguing is everyone’s fascination with Toyota Jan that I couldn’t help myself from doing some investigating into the world of Jan (as I’ve done in the past), and I stumbled upon something I never thought I’d find: a discussion by people who don’t like Toyota Jan.

Seriously, what the eff. I’ve seen The Unofficial Laurel Coppock Fanpage on Facebook—they’re good people. But a forum of people who are creeped out by Toyota Jan? Now that cuts me deep. Real deep.

The one upside to this horrible, horrible page is that it’s got a few fake Toyota Jan ads that were actually kind of funny. Sure, they were poking fun at Jan, but I have a feeling good old Laurel Coppock might have a good laugh too. She seems like a good sport.

The first was kind of frightening, with Jan being possessed by some kind of demonic creature (perhaps Flo from Progressive):

fake Toyota Jan ads

Okay, this is the first time I’ve ever been afraid of Toyota Jan

The second was just downright hilarious, though a little edgy:

fake Toyota Jan ads

Whoa there, Jan, I’m a married man

The original ads that spawned these user-generated images were ones you might remember following you around on the internet a couple years ago. One featured Jan saying, “You bought a Toyota for a reason. Let’s keep it that way.”

Toyota Jan Ad

How dare this user suggest that Jan is anything but perfect

I currently drive a Toyota, so I appreciate all the work that Toyota Jan does. Though, truth be told, I have my eye on a Subaru for my next purchase, but shh—don’t tell Jan!