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Toyota Storytelling Campaign Features Camry and Corolla

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Toyota Camry commercial

Between now and November, Toyota is embarking on a new advertising campaign featuring the best-selling Camry and Corolla. The campaign includes three broadcast commercials; two waves of billboards; plus print, digital, mobile, and social campaigns. The Camry broadcast campaign begins with a commercial titled “The Great Road,” which demonstrates how all roads are linked, meaning your next adventure is just around the corner.

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The first Corolla commercial, “200 Foot Journey,” shows the sedan driving in the dark, only able to see 200 feet in front. The narrator explains that this is what life is like, and that your destination is out there even if you can’t see it. That’s some deep stuff there, Toyota.

One of the main elements of the social media campaign is a sponsorship of Snapchat’s Los Angeles Live Local Story. This allows Toyota to target users with a specific geographic location, and will be the first time an automaker has used such in-depth local advertising using the social media platform.

Additionally, Toyota will customize advertising to 15,000 American cities using Google Places. These ads will encourage users to get out and explore their local area using targeting banner ads. In collaboration with the other aspects of this campaign, drivers will get to know just how adventurous you can be while driving a Camry or Corolla.

Watch out for the commercials on TV, as well as the billboards and digital ads across social media and the web.

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